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How long does a redirection take?

A redirection takes about 1 week depending upon a number of factors: Internic delays and payment processing problems make up the biggest delay. Orders are processed at least once every 24 hours, but often more frequenty. If you are not paying by check and are experiencing a serious delay, please email us at

When I apply for my redirection and try to register my domain name as well, who do I pay for the domain?

We act as the domain registrar and the domain registration is $24.95US/year.

What is the price of the redirection package?

$9.95US/year for the URL redirection and email redirection. Domain name registration (if you don’t already have one) is $24.95US/year.

I want modify my domain myself, what are the redirection DNS settings?

Primary DNS: (
Secondary DNS: (

It's been so long and I still haven't heard from you! Where's my redirection??

We try to get to everyone we can as quickly as possible and our automated systems catch most normal redirections. If we haven't gotten back to you for some reason, we're sorry, but we're doing our best. As well, there may be a long pause in your registration process as we are processing payments. If you feel that it’s been way too long and something’s gone wrong, please send an email to

Can I use my redirection when I change web providers?

Absolutely! One common misconception about us is that when you move, your redirection stops working. Don't worry, you can modify your redirection to point to anywhere you want. You can also modify your email redirections too. Just use the "modify account" link at the top of the page or click here to go there right now.

If I change web providers, will I be charged for my redirection again?

No, you can modify your account as much as you like and you will only pay the standard price.

When will I get billed?

Redirection accounts are billed each year on the anniversary of signup of the account. Redirection accounts are $9.95 US. Canadian residents please add appropriate taxes.

Where can I get billing information in regards to my account?

You can request specific billing information relating to your account by sending an email to Please remember to include all pertinent information such as the account number and/or domain name of the account(s) you are requesting information on, what you want to know and if applicable, dates.

Where can I get an explanation of charges applied to my account?

Email your request along with the account number and domain name along with the amount and date of the charge you would like clarification on.

What is "cloaking"?

All cloaking does is make your domain name stay in the browser. IE. when you redirect to, all the person viewing the site will see is It all depends on how you want your users to view your page.

Can I redirect international domains? (.br, .jp, etc?)

Yes. There is just one catch though: you have to modify your DNS yourself.

What Domain names can you register?

We can register .com, .net, .org, and domain names. For other international domains, you will have to register them yourself (note: international registrars may charge a fee).

Can I redirect sub-domains?

Yes, sub-domain redirection is included for free.

How does the email redirection work?

The email redirection forwards your mail from to any real mail address that you have. It is not a real email address box, but just a forward that bounces mail to you.

What is the purpose/significance of the password fields when creating new subdomains? Will passwords be required for people accessing those sites?

With the passwords, you can allow other people to access subdomains that you set up for them. Essentially you become a mini redirection service. They can manage subdomains by going to

Can I leave these password fields blank?

No, you need to enter something into the field or you won't be able to save.

What is extended SPAM filtering?

Extended SPAM filtering uses multiple techniques to filter out unwanted SPAM for your redirected emails. The techniques include the use of public Realtime Black Lists and blocking non-standards compliant messages.

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