What do We do ?

»Who are we and what do we do?

Redirection.net is an Internet based affiliate company of tera-byte.com, which was founded to make long or complicated web addresses simple and easy to remember.
With redirection.net, you can point an easy-to-remember domain name to your existing web account. Most web hosting services charge an additional fee to host your domain name, or will not host your domain name at all, as is the case with most free web hosting services. With redirection.net, we'll redirect your domain name to your actual web site, no matter where it's hosted.

»What features does redirection.net include?

Our service includes:
URL cloaking - so your domain name stays in the address bar of your browser, and so search engines will index your site using its domain name.
Path forwarding - so people can access subpages, subdirectories, files, and images on your site through its domain name.
E-mail forwarding - so you can use e-mail addresses with your domain name.
Free unlimited e-mail redirections
Free unlimited subdomains

Our users have an easy-to-use web-based modification system to make changes to their accounts, and, Best of all, we won't put any annoying advertising on your site.

»How much does it cost?

Some services charge $50/year or more for this service, plus $35/year for domain name registration. With redirection.net, you'll pay only $9.95US per year!(if you already have your own domain name). And if you need a domain name, we can register it for only $24.95US!

»Are there any restrictions?

We can register .COM, .NET, and .ORG domain names, which are the most popular and recognized domain names in use on the Internet. We can redirect to other domains (see the FAQ), but you have to register them yourself. Also, our service only provides web and e-mail forwarding, this service cannot be used to redirect to FTP or IRC servers, or to any other types of services. Please read through our terms and policies before placing your order.

»Are there any other costs involved?

As mentioned earlier, all subdomains are redirected to the same place. If you would like subdomains redirected elsewhere (eg. www.yourdomain.com and blah.yourdomain.com are on different servers), there is no extra charge. Also, you are responsible for any fees involved in hosting your actual web site. We do not host web sites, we only redirect your domain name to the web site where you are hosted. If you are looking to actually host your site, we recommend tera-byte.

If you are having any problems with our service, please view our support section.

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